Bare Remedy Equine Podiatry

Naomi Garner DEP MEPA (UK), Equine Podiatrist

Barefoot trimming

Following recent research and tried and true practices in barefoot hoofcare, I can work alongside you and other equine professionals to try and get the best feet for your equine. I often work alongside veterinary care in remedial cases such as laminitis, following radiographic images and communicating with other equine professionals when needed. 


I am a quiet and patient trimmer, happy to work with horses needing extra support behaviourally or who have physical restictions. 


I am fully insured and held accountable for standard of work through my membership to the Equine Podiatry Association UK.

Boot Fitting and Advice

In partnership with The Hoof Boot Shop I offer boot shell fittings and hoofcare advice visits. I have shells for Scoot Boot, Flex Boot, Explora Magic, Equine Fusion and Cavallo with more to come in the future. 

During the visit I will see your horse move, take full hoof photos, measure the hooves and try on suitable shells, offer advice for style of boots and hoofcare advice if needed. We can talk through environment, diet and management. You will recieve and email with all written information, advice and photos. 

This visit does not involve hoof trimming, though I'm happy to discuss it with you. 

You can visit The Hoof Boot Shop website here:  and contact them directly here:  [email protected]