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Laminitis Time Of Year

I am already seeing a lot of horses with signs of low grade inflammation or full blown rotation/sink. This is the time of year where watching grass intake, soundness, white line stretch, abnormal loading, pulses etc is really important. Owners need to be checking these things regularly so there is n…

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Happy New Year

Hoping all my lovely clients had a very merry Christmas and wishing you all a happy new year!

2021 is hopefully going to be less of a rollercoaster, Covid 19 is still causing delays in my EPT course but my case studies and private work are still going ahead as essential for animal health. I am s…

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Passing my Stage 2 Exam

After a week of trimming lots of different horses, it came to my exam day. We had to do a full mock visit with a horse we hadn't seen before. The horse I had for the exam was recently out of shoes with navicular changes and I had to be very careful with the trim. After nearly an hour and a half I go…

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