Bare Remedy Equine Podiatry

Naomi Garner, Barefoot Trimmer

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About me

I have always loved horses, but as a young child pursued music instead. Truth be told I was very scared of horses when I was young. As I grew older my interest in horses never stopped growing till I got my own. Now I cannot imagine life without them.

My older horse Caramac was 17 when I took his shoes off with the help of an Equine Podiatrist. When I got my feral Dartmoor pony Ares he had been living on the moors wild for 6 years, the differences between his and Mac's hooves was distinct.

I started with basic trimming between visits with direction from my EP, when she told me one day about the Equine Podiatry Training course. My interest was peaked and I applied, I have never looked back since.

My Services

My Area- I live in Exmouth by the beautiful East Devon Area of Outstanding Beauty. I will travel up to an hour radius and will try and link clients in the same areas to reduce my fuel consumption and environmental impact. Extra travel may incur a fuel charge.  

Contacts- I have close contacts within the fields of behaviour, nutrition and bodywork. If there is something I think your equine will benefit from I will recommend it and can work with them to best suit your equine. Within the Equine Podiatry Association lots of Podiatrists are uniquely specialised and are always there to bounce ideas off and be on the end of the phone when needed. 

Insurance- I am fully insured through Balens Speciality Insurance Brokers and held accountable for standard of work through my student membership to the Equine Podiatry Association UK and my training provider Equine Podiatry Training Ltd. 

Charges- A consultation can take around 45-60 minutes per horse, it may take longer depending on whether shoes need to be removed or there is vet involvement. My current charge is based on my student status, when I am qualified it will increase in line with my EPA colleagues. Charities can contact me directly for a charity consultation price.